pcmag.comWe review products independently, but we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page. Terms of use. A good car phone mount is an almost essential accessory for any vehicle that doesn't include a built-in navigation system. Phone mounts provide a safe and simple way to make calls, get turn-by-turn directions, and use your phone's voice assistant. That said, not all smartphone mounts are created equal. Some mounts work better with certain cars and phones than others. We've gathered our favorite here, along with some tips to keep in mind when shopping.For the most part, there are two types of car phone mounts: mounts that attach to your air conditioner vent, and mounts that attach to your dashboard or windshield. If you have a standard air conditioner vent, there are plenty of good options out there, but note that they won't work with circular vents. Dash and windshield mounts are more versatile. Some attach via suction base while others use adhesive. While the latter tend to come with automotive-grade adhesive that shouldn't damage your car, they can't be moved as easily and the adhesive can break down over time.Most mounts use either spring-loaded arms or magnetic bases to hold your phone in place. Both have their benefits. While magnetic mounts are faster, spring-loaded mounts offer more versatility since you can easily switch between phones. Magnetic bases also require you attach a metal plate to the back of your phone or slide it between your phone and its case. If you use wireless charging, you'll want to be cautious about the placement of the plate. If the plate is on or near the charging coil, it won't be able to charge.Car phone mounts are generally pretty similar, but some models include Qi Wireless charging. These mounts are powered by your vehicle's DC port, so there's no need to plug your phone in each time you hop in the car. Many car phone mounts max out at a certain phone size, so before you buy one, make sure it supports to the phone you want to use. If it's a spring-loaded mount, make sure it's wide enough to hold your phone. For magnetic mounts, check the maximum weight.

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