pcguide.comYou can trust PC Guide: Our team of experts use a combination of independent consumer research, in-depth testing where appropriate - which will be flagged as such, and market analysis when recommending products, software and services. Find out how we test here. Ahead of the Computex event held in Taiwan on June 2nd, Nvidia was awarded first place at the Computex trade show’s annual Best Choice Awards for its recent advancements and latest technological developments. This win doesn’t come as a surprise seeing as the company has stacked up a number of wins at the event in past years. This year’s Computer and System Category award goes to Nvidia’s GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip, the Networking and Communication Award goes to the Nvidia Spectrum-X Ethernet networking platform, and the Golden Award goes to Nvidia’s Ai Enterprise. The Computex trade show’s annual Best Choice Awards, judges leading tech brands on functionality, innovation, and the market potential of the products exhibited at the show, held in Taipei, Taiwan on the 2nd of June. One of Nvidia’s major wins from this announcement is definitely the Golden Award given to Nvidia’s AI Enterprise. The AI Enterprise is Nvidia’s dive into a cloud-native software platform that streamlines the development of generative AI applications. This platform aids businesses who intend to use generative AI, so they can focus on the technological benefits for their business instead of having to maintain complex AI software. This platform also offers microservices, like Nvidia NIM and Nvidia CUDA-X, which focus on the optimization, support, stability, and security of business sites. On top of this, Nvidia AI Enterprise can improve AI performance results, which allows companies to reduce the number of servers needed to run their business and focus on lower energy costs. Another win for Nvidia was the Nvidia GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip which took home this year’s Computer and System Award. The GH200 combines the power efficiency of the Nvidia Grace CPU with the Nvidia Hopper architecture-based GPU to create the world’s first heterogeneous accelerated platform for AI and demanding computing workloads. The super chip combines the two branches of Nvidia technology over a high-bandwidth 900GB/s coherent Nvidia NVLink chip-to-chip interconnect and powers more than 40 AI supercomputers globally. In addition to this, Nvidia’s Spectrum-X platform is built to improve generative AI network performance and is the world’s first Ethernet fabric built for AI. It combines Nvidia Spectrum SN5600 switches and Nvidia BlueField-3 SuperNICs, for advanced performance as a backend fabric for any AI cloud or large enterprise. Despite its apparent successes at the Best Choice Awards, Nvidia wasn’t the only company to leave with a number of titles under its belt. A number of Nvidia’s partners also left the competition with some awards of their own, including brands like Acer, ASUS, MSI, and YUAN, who were all given Golden Awards for their motherboards, laptops, and applications. MSI also won a Gaming and Entertainment Award, and ASUS won a Computer and System Category Award.

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