pcmag.comThe Best Chrome Flags (And a Word of Caution) Before enabling anything, proceed with caution. Flags are experimental, and though some will improve Chrome, others could do more harm than good. That's why you never want to enable a bunch of flags in one shot. The best strategy is to read the description of a flag that intrigues you and research it to find out how it works.If you want to try one, enable that single flag. Restart Chrome and make sure the browser is behaving itself. If you bump into any problems, go back to the flags page and disable the troublesome feature you enabled, which you'll now find at the top of the list. If you need to reset all the ones you may have changed, click the button at the top to Reset all to default.Now, let's check out 10 top flags for Chrome users. You can find these by browsing the list of flags or more easily by searching the flag's full name.

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