pcmag.comInstall Programs in Sandbox If you'd like to try out a particular software program, your next step is to make that program available in the Sandbox. You can do this a couple of ways. If you haven't yet downloaded the program and it's accessible online, open Microsoft Edge in the Sandbox and download the program from the Web. But that's not your only option.Though it runs in an isolated mode, the Sandbox can interact with the rest of Windows in certain ways. As one example, you can copy and paste files back and forth between the Sandbox and your regular Windows environment. So if you've already downloaded the application you wish to install, copy it from your regular Windows system and paste it into File Manager in the Sandbox.Install the file and launch as you normally would in Windows. Launch the program and you can now use it fully.You can resize the Sandbox window just as you can any other window. You can maximize it to take up the full screen. You can also restart or shut down the Sandbox session via the Windows Start button and shut it down by clicking the X in the upper-right corner. If you restart or shut down, you lose any applications you've installed and changes you made.But that's the idea behind the Sandbox. When you finish testing or using an application or other item, you close the Sandbox window as you would any window, and everything you did goes kaput. The next time you rev up the Sandbox again, it will present you with a new, clean, and pristine virtual session for you to use.

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