pcmag.comWe review products independently, but we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page. Terms of use. UPDATE 11/6: The Target Black Friday ad scan dropped today, tipping big savings on Apple and Samsung devices, TVs, and a lot more this holiday shopping season. Here's what to expect. The holiday season tends to bring about fierce competition among retailers. With online shopping experiences expanding every year, it should come as no surprise that retailers like Target and Best Buy find themselves at constant odds this time of year. Consumers tend to benefit from these kinds of price wars, with each battle opening up new ways to save. We continually try to prepare shoppers for the best holiday shopping season possible and, as such, we continue to take a look back at Black Friday ads from 2018. Smart shoppers hoping to stay ahead of the curve will definitely want to follow along to be as prepared as possible for Black Friday 2019. Target vs. Best Buy: Black Friday 2018 Best Buy and Target tend to run similar sales and events, though Target has proven that it loves to fall back on gift cards to help increase promotions and drive sales. Target's gift card promotions tend to be in large-dollar amounts whereas Best Buy typically offers larger discounts upfront with the occasional gift card attached to a promotion. Both sales tactics work well for the larger retailers and we predict that similar marketing campaigns i n 2019. A Look Back: Best Buy Black Friday 2018 Best Buy's 2018 Black Friday ad was miles ahead of Target as it related to home theater, but overall, the two were mostly in line. One spot where they differed ever so slightly was the Chromecast, which Target offered for $25 a piece. Best Buy did too, but also offered the option to score two Chromecasts for $45. A Look Back: Target Black Friday 2018 Fitness trackers were all the rage during Black Friday 2018, and most retailers had similar pricing across the board. The Fitbit Versa was $1 cheaper at Target compared to Best Buy in 2018. And although Best Buy dominated the home theater space during Black Friday 2018, Target did manage to keep up with its Element 55-inch 4K TV coming in at only $199. The closest price comparison at Best Buy was the Sharp 55-inch 4K TV at $249. A Look Back: Seeing Double 2018 It should be noted that, by and large, Best Buy and Target had extremely similar ads last year with the majority of sale pricing between the two retailers nearly identical. Popular categories like video games, video game consoles, 4K Blu-rays, iPads, and Echo devices all shared identical savings and discounts between the two retailers. While each retail location has its specialty, by and large, the same Black Friday savings could be found on a ton of items at each store. Target and Best Buy Black Friday 2019 Predictions Due to their similarities, our predictions for Black Friday 2019 should be pretty straightforward. We predict that, as usual, Best Buy will dominate when it comes to large electronics and appliances for the home. Things like 75-inch (or bigger) televisions, washers and dryers, and refrigerators will best be purchased from Best Buy. Its Magnolia store locations hold several big-ticket home theater devices that Target does not carry. As a result, if you're shopping to spruce up your home theater set this year, pay attention to Best Buy's Black Friday ad over Target's. On the flip side, we predict that Target will absolutely crush Best Buy when it comes to any and all toy sales. While Best Buy has dabbled in the toy market for the last several years, it's still far behind having a dedicated selection to a plethora of all the hottest toys of the year. As such, we predict that Target will dominate the toy market compared to Best Buy, and if you have a lot of toys on your shopping list this year, you'll want to make certain to focus on Target's ad over Best Buy's. We're certain that one of the biggest and hottest categories when it comes to Black Friday 2019 will be video games. Due to each retailer having similar pricing on both video games and video game consoles for Black Friday 2018, we believe that both retailers will yet again tie when it comes to offering big discounts on all the hottest video game tech. If you are shopping for a lot of video game bargains this year, you'll do best to study both Target's and Best Buy's ad. This post originally appeared on our sister site, BestBlackFriday.com.

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