ArchiveorgSoftwareA giant spacecraft carrying cryogenically frozen dinosaurs crashes near a city on a distant planet. This planet is owned by a corporation which runs dinosaur hunting tours, but they never expected to have the dinosaurs running loose in their corporate headquarters city. Players take the role of a hired agent, attempting to destroy the dinosaur menace, or the role of one of the dinosaurs, hunting down the human threat. Environments include the canyon where the ship has crashed, the ship itself, the city, the sewers, the subway system, and the industrial area.In a departure from the rest of the Carnivores series, this game is a first person shooter, and not a hunting simulation. The levels are played sequentially and are mission-based, each mission unlocking the one following it. The game allows you to play as either a human Agent, or as one of the dinosaurs. As a human, players can choose to equip a machine gun, sniper rifle, shotgun, grenade launcher, or x-rifle before each mission. Additional equipment includes binoculars, night vision, and thermal vision. Dinosaurs have their claw attack and leap attack, as well as the aid of a sort of low-light vision mode. When playing as a dinosaur, your species changes from mission to mission, so that by the end of the game you have played as each species at least once. Mission objectives include things like turning off the ship's reactor, rescuing civilians, protecting hazardous materials from destruction, defending a workman who is repairing a train, and also plenty of "get from point A to point B in one piece" type of missions.Additionally there are several Deathmatch modes available, and the single player missions can be played cooperatively. Once missions have been beaten, they are all available for replay from a menu.

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