ArchiveorgSoftwareThis is a SuperCard Pro format dump of Aston-Tate's dBase III Plus. These disks appear to have never been used nor have been serialized, and thus is the only known pristine dump.dBase III is a database product that was very popular through the 80s and 90s, and was the forerunner of xBase databases such as Paradox, ForPro, and many more. dBase is still often used today to the point that the original DOS based versions are still sold and supported.Aston-Tate used a form of disk personalization that burned the serial and user information on first install. This media set appears to be entirely unused, but however has one major problem: the Administrator 2 disk in this set is damaged, it appears to have been reformatted at some point in a high destiny drive although I have been unable to recover any data from it at all. The original SCP dump is provided for reference, but this isn't usable. As this disk is both write protected, I've included a replacement copy of Administrator II from another dump to at least make this an installable package (the replacement file is clearly noted).There is no specific copy protection track, so the raw IMGs should basically work "as is". These images have been installed successfully.

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