ArchiveorgSoftwareIcons - Longhorn Transformation Pack 10.5, BricoPack Vista Inspirat 1.1 and Vista Icons Pack Ultimate 3.0 - System Patch.if you have an actual hardware installed on your computerInsert the DVD or CDROMWaiting for Hiren's Boot CD to boot for the MenuScroll Down to Mini Windows XP and press enterand should be load up and the windows logo appearswhen the desktop appears, Right-Click the HBCD icon, then move over to registry and click Fix hard drive controller (fix_hdc.cmd)when the command prompt appears, type T to set the targetroot.then type C, Colon, Slash. Windows and press enter.type m and press enter, when fixing the hard drive press enter, click start, shut down, and click moveover to restart and click ok.Eject the disk, boot up windows, install drivers and that's it.Click on the link to Download Hiren's Boot CD: ISO images are avaliable at RitchCraft's Account, page down to 5 at: Thanks toKugeeMichael MJDTheComputerGuy96GlosshiredMicrosoft CorporationPicassa243Vyrus256RoTKivJoshu4GreatSphynxMaStErHACkflubberzFishy-FishMr. Windows XRafael Riverakoland fediaFedia.

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