ArchiveorgSoftwareThe application files for TANGAROOs version 1.0 unregistered version.Welcome to TANGAROOSs.  Thank you for evaluating this program.  I hope that you find TANGAROOs fun and easy to use.  Don't forget to read the files LICENSE.DOC and ORDER.DOC for information on how to obtain a registered version of TANGAROOs.  The TANGAROOs package includes the following files:README.TAN     Introductory informationLICENSE.DOC    License agreement/Warrenty disclaimerORDER.DOC      Order formTANGAROO.EXE   Required executableTANGAROO.HLP   Complete documentation in online hypertext help formatTANGAROO.TAN   Sample TANGAROOs picture fileSND1.WAV       Required sound fileSND2.WAV       Required sound fileSND3.WAV       Required sound fileSND4.WAV       Required sound fileSND5.WAV       Required sound fileSND6.WAV       Required sound fileSND7.WAV       Required sound fileSNDCCW.WAV     Required sound fileSNDCW.WAV      Required sound fileSNDRPL.WAV     Required sound fileSNDSNAP.WAV    Required sound file[omitted]PURPOSETANGAROOs is an educational tool to help build skills in problem solving and spatial orientation.  This tool is based on the concept of tangram shapes.  The goal of this tool is to present you with a picture that you have to duplicate using the seven tangram shapes that are provided.  In addition, there is a Save Mode option that allows you to create your own pictures.  Please see "How to Use TANGAROOs" in the online help for additional information.THE MOUSEIn order to use TANGAROOs, it is NECESSARY to learn how to use the mouse. Although the menu items can be obtained from the keyboard, the shapes can only be manipulated with the mouse.  The following is a key to using the mouse within TANGAROOs (double clicking is not used):          Mouse Button                       Action          ------------                       ------   Click Left Button over shapebar      Selects shape from pallet   Click Left Button over shape         Rotates shape counter-clockwise   Click Right Button over shape        Rotates shape clockwise   Click and Hold Left Button down      Drags shape around the screen     over shape and move   Click Right Button w/ shift key      Erases a single shape from the     down over the shape                 screen   Click Right Button w/ Ctrl key       Erases all shapes from the screen     down   Click Left Button w/ shift key       Colors all shpes on the screen to     down                                black                                        (Same action to restore colors)See the sections "Using the Mouse" and "Quick Reference" in the online help for more information on how to use the mouse.SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS1) You must be running Windows 3.1.2) You must use at least VGA mode (TANGAROOs has been tested to work well in VGA, SuperVGA and XGA resolutions).The above are the only requiremnets to use TANGAROOs.  In addition, you may want to load a Windows 3.1 sound driver to use the sounds within TANGAROOs.However, sound is NOT a requirement to using this program.

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