ArchiveorgSoftwareThe files in this repository are a copy of the IM-Me, wireless instant messaging system, Installation Software. Please note that at this time Mattel no longer provides the instant messaging service that this software uses. Mattel Radica IM-MeGirls will no longer have to be glued to their home computer as they IM their friends. The Radica IM-Me is a portable device that allows them to chat with friends and family from anywhere in the home. Ideal for ages 8 and up, this hand-held tool is safer than a computer and easier to use. Portable, Wireless, and Easy-to-UseThe innovative Radica IM-Me device allows unlimited IM chatting at no additional cost. Parents can feel safe knowing that their child is IMing in a secure environment. The Radical IM-Me requires that an Internet connection be available. It uses a Wireless RF connection that lets girls talk with their best friends from almost anywhere in the home. This sleek, ergonomic keyboard is convenient for smaller fingers. After lights out, girls can use the backlight switch to chat in the dark. Pesky siblings and other intruders won't be able to sneak a peek at secret conversations, as this device is password protected. This product includes the handheld device, USB connection, proprietary software, and 2 AAA batteries. Worry-Free Instant MessagingAt last, parents can let little girls instant message in a worry-free environment. Users of the Radica IM-Me can only chat with other IM-Me operators they have entered in their address book, so parents can be assured that their little girls are only speaking to other little girls. This innovative handheld tool also frees up the home computer and allows the little ones privacy, as it is password protected. There is an address book to keep track of other IM-Me pals and girls can chat in up to three sessions at a time. More stylish than Mom and Dad's Blackberry, this device has bright purple and pink colors and a sleek modern design.

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