ArchiveorgSoftware📶 Print a QR code for connecting to your WiFi ( https://wificard.ioPrint a simple card with your WiFi login details. Tape it to the fridge, keep it in your wallet, etc. Running locallyRun the official Docker image on http://localhost:8080make runDevelopmentMake sure you have yarn installedRun the live-reload server on http://localhost:3000make devThis project uses Prettier[1] formatting and all pull requests must passthe automated lint checks prior to merging.Run the lint check with:make fmtRewrite the files to resolve any style issues with:make fmt.write To restore the repository download the bundle wget and run: git clone bndw-wifi-card_-_2021-07-18_08-41-56.bundle Source:[2]Uploader: bndw[3]Upload date: 2021-07-18 References^ Prettier (^ (^ bndw (

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