ArchiveorgSoftwareThe Sound of New York Just Got Better Peter Cincotti's stirring vocals and dazzling piano playing have brought him worldwide acclaim. Live In New York features the energy and imagination of Cincotti and his world-class band. This video SuperDisc, filmed in high definition and recorded in Surround Sound, is mixed so that you experience the concert like you are there – dancing in the street, watching the sunset from a rooftop, and completely engulfed in the music. Peter's personal reminiscences about the neighborhood complete the program, giving the viewer an intimate look at this exciting young singer, songwriter and pianist. Live In New York Sounds Even Better on SuperDisc Besides the stereo disc included for your CD player or car stereo, Monster Music brings you Peter Cincotti in full High Definition Surround Sound on a SuperDisc for your DVD player. Better than normal stereo, music in surround puts you right in the middle of the music. It's exciting, moving, and the way the artists intended you to hear it. And for audiophiles, there are even High Definition Stereo tracks in 96K/24bit audio. SuperDisc Gives You a Surround Experience from Your iPod. Direct from the master recordings are High Definition Digital Music files ready to download to any computer or portable music player that supports WMA (Windows) or AAC (Apple iPod). Even better are Dolby Headphone music files that simulate surround sound through any pair of headphones.Peter Cincotti in New York Includes: St. Louis BluesInterviewBali Ha'iRaise the RoofUp on the RoofInterviewHe's WatchingSome Kind of WonderfulSwayOn the MoonI Love ParisYou Don't Know MeInterviewNight in TunisiaBonus Tracks:The Girl for Me TonightThe Girl I KnewI Changed the Rules Bonus Album: On The Moon Be On The Moon with Peter Cincotti; sit back and enjoy his studio album, produced by 12-time Grammy winner Phil Ramone. Selections include classic pop and jazz tracks plus many of Cincotti's own compositions.1. St. Louis Blues2. Some Kind Of Wonderful3. I Love Paris4. On The Moon5. Bali Ha'i6. He's Watching7. Raise The Roof8. The Girl For Me Tonight9. You Don't Know Me10. I'd Rather Be With You11. Up On The Roof12. Cherokee

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