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In diesem Bereich veröffentlichen wir unser News zum Thema Joomla! und seinen unzähligen Erweiterungen GOTO neue ErweiterungenWith this nice preloader plugin for Joomla!, you can display a beautiful loading animation while your website's loading.... neue ErweiterungenSkatlaJX is a package of 2 standalone components, Locations, and Galleries. They can be used individually or in pair to create a powerful ecosystem. Galleries A Joomla component enabling you to create a highly customizable gallery of images and videos. The galleries can be attached to articles or locations using one of our many exquisite templates. Locations A Joomla component allowing you to create location objects, that are composed out of an arbitrary number of attributes, have a user-defined category, type, image, and a marker. On the frontend, they can be displayed either on a Google map or within a details view.... neue ErweiterungenES Youtube Playlist Embed allows you to embed entire Youtube playlists in your Joomla website. Would you like to post a complete Youtube playlist on your site? With this module you can now do this very simple and fast! No need to upload videos to the backend of your site to create a playlist and then post it on the site! With Es Youtube Playlist Embed you can read a playlist directly from Youtube and display it on your site, in any position, even in articles, in a simple, beautiful and effective way. What does this mean? A faster way to get your videos displayed on your website A much lighter solution for those who do not have much hosting space An easy solution for those who want to display playlists inside articles / or for those who want to display more than one video in an article, in an attractive and user-friendly way A customized way to keep your clients on your website Better marketing, lower bounce rates, personal content available directly on your site Setting up the... neue ErweiterungenCustomCSS Plugin This Joomla plugin lets you load a custom.css / custom.min.css when the template does not support that out of the box. Sponsoring and Donation You use this extension in an commercial context and / or want to support me and give something back? There are two ways to support me right now: - This extension is part of , write bug fixes, improving features and maintain my extensions. - You just want to send me an one-time donation? Great you can do this via . Thanks for your support! Feature This plugin checks whether a custom.css (or custom.min.css) file exists at /templates/"templatename"/css or /administrator/templates/"templatename"/css. If present, it will be loaded to the site. - With a custom.css you can overwrite the template css files. - This file will not be touched by an update. - To use the plugin please activate it. Control Pannel --> Extensions --> Plugins --> System - Template custom.css. Update Server Please note that my update server only... neue ErweiterungenPrivacyCheckbox Plugin This Joomla plugin lets you create new fields of type 'privacycheckbox' in any extensions where custom fields are supported. Sponsoring and Donation You use this extension in an commercial context and / or want to support me and give something back? There are two ways to support me right now: - This extension is part of , write bug fixes, improving features and maintain my extensions. - You just want to send me an one-time donation? Great you can do this via . Thanks for your support! Feature This plugin allows you to creates a single checkbox field in any form that supports custom fields e.g. in the contact form where you can make sure the privacy message is checked. But this also allow any other single checkbox usecase. Over the core plugin this allows to use a `` tag inside of the message to be shown to the user. Any other html tag is going to be removed. Configuration Initial setup the plugin with the example for the contact form Download the... neue ErweiterungenHttpHeader Plugin This Joomla Plugin implements an UI Layer for the HTTP Security headers so everyone can set and configure them from the backend. Sponsoring and Donation You use this extension in an commercial context and / or want to support me and give something back? There are two ways to support me right now: - This extension is part of , write bug fixes, improving features and maintain my extensions. - You just want to send me an one-time donation? Great you can do this via . Thanks for your support! Features This Joomla Plugin helps you to set the following HTTP Security Headers. - Strict-Transport-Security - Content-Security-Policy - Content-Security-Policy-Report-Only - X-Frame-Options - X-XSS-Protection - X-Content-Type-Options - Referrer-Policy - Expect-CT - Feature-Policy This plugin also comes with some easy defaults for: - X-Frame-Options - X-XSS-Protection - X-Content-Type-Options - Referrer-Policy Configuration Initial setup the plugin Download the latest... neue ErweiterungenShack Error Notify will rescue you from serious site problems. This plugin will send automatic notifications if anything goes wrong with your Joomla site. We have used this plugin at Joomlashack for years, and it has saved us on many occasions. It is easy to miss site errors, but Shack Error Notify catches them all! You will get an email describing what went wrong on your site, and showing you where to fix it. Checking your site for errors Shack Error Notify automatically checks for errors on your site. Nobody has time to watch their site constantly, but Shack Error Notify does. If anything happens on your site, Shack Error Notify is watching and alerts you immediately. Helpful email notifications Shack Error Notify will automatically send you an email when an error is detected on your site. In the email, Shack Error Notify will give you all the details you to locate and fix the error. Simple configuration options Shack Error Notify is easy and quick to set up. You can choose... neue ErweiterungenWith this module you can take payments using PayPal's latest interface, the Smart Buttons component. Choose an automatic layout displaying radio buttons with fixed amounts, input fields for visitor-provided custom amounts, or a combination. Supports layout overrides so you can style the module to match your current template.... neue ErweiterungenWeb Radio Player Joomla module gives the ability to play audio streaming (web radio) It works for Shoutcast v1 & v2 and Icecast v2 Audio player based on MediaElements.js Features - HTML5 Player - Compatible all modern devices (and mobiles). Read more on MediaElements website - Parameter to choose HTTPS/HTTP protocol - Shoutcast v1 & v2 - Icecast v2 - Anti-cache audio link. Player automatically adds time-stamp before play button - Auto-Play (in some cases does not work due the Browser's policy) - Auto-Reconnect (If listener has no Internet connection the player can automatically refresh the page, if off-line period is over 30 seconds or force the "Play" button) Compatible with Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x... neue ErweiterungenFeatures All the features of the slider come only from Bootstrap 4. Unlimited number of images Control settings (arrows, indicators) Crossfade effect (since Bootstrap 4.1) Display time settings for all slides or for each slide individually (since Bootstrap 4.2.1) The title and subtitle of the slide Call-to-action button (text, url, button css classes, js targets for web Analytics) You can create and use your own module layouts.... neue ErweiterungenThe WX FORMS component is a replacement component in a standard Joomla contact component. It aims to provide fields for users to fill in the frontend and use an email. Specifications: With the WX FORMS component it is possible to create forms with text fields, text area, custom selection list. For each type of form, you can specify an email destination. WX FORMS uses Joomla email settings (Joomla global settings). Allows you to register the submitted forms in a database and export them in xls When creating a selected menu item for the component, it is possible to choose a form and change the form's page layout, modifying the image size and the information that precedes or proceeds the fields.... neue ErweiterungenFF Explorer is file manager on joomla site. Features are supported: edit file new file new folder upload file download file change file permission and more ...... neue ErweiterungenJoomla! embeds a Facebook pixel analytics tool into your website to help you understand the actions that visitors take on your site to measure the performance of your ads.... neue ErweiterungenDisable Jquery, Mootools, Caption, Bootstrap scripts from loading in your Joomla Website. Is very easy to use it. Download the module and in joomla backend install it. In Extensions - Module and click on Disable scripts module. Select a module position from the list of your current template, Show Title = Hide and Status = Published. In "Menu Assignment" select the pages you want to unload them. In "Disable scripts" tab, select which scripts you want to disable on those pages. Save the settings.... neue ErweiterungenPRO-version of the plugin for sending orders from the JoomShopping online store in Bitrix24 CRM. Features Extended set of JoomShopping fields - 17 standard Bitrix24 fields, 36 JoomShopping fields - Sending data to custom Bitrix24 fields (UFCRM) - Combining multiple JoomShopping fields into a single Bitrix24 field - Adding products from the basket by the entities of the lead's product items. - UTM-parameters. These tags can be used to track the advertising channel that the customer came through and made a purchase. in the current version, the plugin generates only leads in Bitrix24. JoomShopping Fields order Number user id (JoomShopping user_id) Amount payable Total cost of goods excluding discounts, taxes, delivery costs, etc. name of the delivery method shipping Cost payment method Name Mark-up of the payment method discount Code used discount Amount (by discount) cost of packaging Custom order comment last Name Name middle Name company Name E-mail date of... neue ErweiterungenThe module allows you to integrate your site with the widget of articles on the social network Vkontakte. With this widget you can post articles created by VKontakte on your website. Different materials, designed in the same style, will become the decoration of the site. The widget is adaptive for different screens and does not require programming skills.... neue ErweiterungenThe Joomla Creator Plugin inserts Google Tag Manager tracking script code into your website, and then individual tracking codes are already pasted through the GTM web interface.... neue ErweiterungenThe plugin inserts code for Messenger chat on the site. This allows visitors to your site to chat directly with Messenger. With chat, you can answer questions about prices and products, make appointments, and follow up on conversations even after they leave your site. You don't have to get their data to talk to them. Just follow up on the conversation in Messenger.... neue ErweiterungenThe Joomla plugin plugs the Google Analytics tracking code into your website before the closing HTML tag head. You can choose between two types of tracking code, gtags.js (new version) or analytics.js (older version).... neue ErweiterungenThis premium Joomla to Mailchimp plugin synchronizes Joomla website users with MailChimp lists in a single click. It also has the ability to silently add the users to the Mailchimp list so no confirmation email will be sent to users. ⚡ Sync users from Joomla to Mailchimp in a SINGLE CLICK ⚡ Highly secured process using latest Mailchimp official API v3 ⚡ Silent Subscription supported ⚡ NO CODING require FEATURES: Connect with Mailchimp account using secure Mailchimp API key with a single click Option to disable Mailchimp double opt-in (Silent Registration) Configurable Mailchimp List Automated field mapping for Name and Email Address(No manual action needed) One-click update No coding needed...