ArchiveorgSoftware======New in version 0.3.2 - Add option to prioritize hints in the extended popups (#39)- Add private mode (#106)- Add precise word deletion (#25) (thanks @yashx)- Add undo/redo for pasting (#70) (thanks @yashx)- Add Canadian-French keyboard layout (thanks @The-Quantum-Alpha)- Improve delete key behavior (thanks @yashx)- Improve input UX and performance- Fix delete key crash on holding down- Other bug fixes and improvements FlorisBoard is an open-source keyboard aimed at providing you with an easy way to type while respecting your privacy.Note: This project is currently in alpha stage. If you want to see a feature being implemented or want to report a bug, please visit this project's repository (linked in the end of the description) on GitHub and file an issue. This helps making FlorisBoard even better! Thank you!Currently implemented and fully working features:Latin keyboard layoutsQWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY, Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish/Finnish, Danish, Icelandic and Swiss. More coming in future releasesEasy switching between languages/layouts by defining subtypes in the settingsKeyboard layouts for typing in a (phone) numberSpecial characters inputEmoji/Emoticon keyboardOne-handed/compact mode for easier typing on large devicesLight and dark theme for the input UI (more themes will come in future releases)Customization of key press sound/vibration

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