ArchiveorgSoftwareПротивостояние Азия В Огне (english title: Cold War Conflicts: Days in the Field 1950-1973, Google Translation: Confrontation: Asia on Fire) is a computer game in the genre of "real time strategy" (RTS). In Russia, the release took place on March 26, 2003. In 2008, the collection "Opposition: Gold" was released, which included this game as well.Windows - Red Ice, Fireglow Games, WalkOn Media Publishing - March 26, 2003Противостояние - Азия в огне.zip                285 MBpatch_asia Installers 1 &                            8.7 MB[1][2]Would have been awesome to have the full English version but all I could find was the demo.PlotThe game is dedicated to the largest conflicts in Asia from 1950 to 1973, namely the Korean War, as well as the Arab-Israeli wars of 1956 and 1973. The game features eight countries: North Korea, USA, USSR, China, UN peacekeeping forces (represented only by Great Britain), Israel, Egypt, Syria.GameplayThe player's goal is to complete various tasks that are set before the start of each mission in an animated briefing with comments (for example, capture or defend a city, occupy a strategic height, etc.). The player can give orders to all units entrusted to him, among which there are infantry, tanks, armored cars, trucks and jeeps, artillery, aviation, and boats. There are four campaigns in the game: for North Korea, the United States, Israel and Egypt. It is impossible to produce units and equipment, but sometimes reinforcements come from over the edge of the map. It is also possible to create your own missions and campaigns using the built-in editor.Description of campaigns - Israeli (Operation "Musketeer") - covers the period 1956. There are 8 missions in total. - Egyptian (Operation "High Minarets") - covers the period of autumn 1973. There are 6 missions in total. - American - covers the period September-October 1950. There are 5 missions in total. - North Korean - covers the period of the fall of 1950. There are 5 missions in total. Technical featuresThe game is a classic 2D isometric strategy game. There are three screen resolutions - the maximum is 1024x768. A standard game location is a diamond-shaped map (projection), consisting of 256x256 game cells (tiles), which corresponds to approximately four square kilometers in reality. About 2000 units can be simultaneously located and interact at the game location, not counting objects. System requirementsOperating system    Windows 98, ME, 2000 XP.CPU                        Pentium II 300MHz    Pentium III 500MHzRAM size                128 MB    128 MBFree space                VVVVVVVVVVVon hard disk                260 MB free spaceVideo card                Direct3D - compatible video card from 16 MB of video memory    Direct3D Compatible Graphics Card 16 MB VRAMSound card            16-bit sound card    16-bit sound cardSource: Wikipedia Google Translated[3] References^ Противостояние - Азия в огне.zip (^ patch_asia Installers 1 & (^ Wikipedia Google Translated (

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